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June 2018
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shots-fired-96.jpgShots Fired is Joseph B. Walker’s survival guidebook. Step into the mind of active shooters and learn ways to help you survive an active shooter situation. Whether you’re a concerned parent, executive at a large company, a custodian at a school or a bouncer at a club, you’d be smart to learn the survival techniques in Shots Fired.

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joseph-b-walker-96.jpgRetired Law Enforcement officer, with 25 years of experience, and owner of Leading Edge Threat Mitigation, Joseph B. Walker, teaches Active Shooter Defense, and Self Defense seminars for corporations and businesses and public, private and martial arts schools. A 9th degree Black Belt and martial arts champion with time in the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, he is one of the top instructors training anyone to stay safe including students and employees. Leading Edge Threat Mitigation also provides comprehensive site assessment to target harden all kinds of businesses and schools to reduce vulnerability.

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dana-abbott-96.jpg Because of his expertise, Dana Abbott was a "salaryman" retained in Japan by Marubeni, one of Japan's biggest global conglomerates. Dana Abbott is an expert in evaluating individual performance and determining strength and weakness. His in-depth observations aide in employment placement in current and future positions. 

Using Japanese Sword training, Dana Abbott's workshops help employees develop confidence, discipline and focus and help management determine the best placement for individuals within a business. Super Samurai Workshops change how employees see themselves and how businesses see employees.

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